Solution Architects:

Understanding a process and outlining the best reverse engineering solutions to bring value addition is not kid's play. It requires solid exposure through such transitions, a great articulate thinking brain to assess the issue at hand and develop a cost effective and value adding solution. Our solution architects have rich experience across different industry verticals, hence, your solutions have a genesis from the masters of the game!

Software Developers:

To be a software developer is easy, but being the best is a fortune for select few. Our strength is that we have a posse of talented software developers who are proficient and updated about the recent trends and developments in technologies. This enables you to be sanguine that your business problems will be analyzed and best solutions delivered.

Software Testers:

Well, you and your team is focusing on core business processes and might not have the time available to be a part of the whole software development life-cycle which decides your IT solution's fate. But then in your absence who will ensure that the solutions which are being developed caters to your best interests? Who would monitor that the solutions are being developed based on your actual requisitions? Our master Quality Assurance Professionals pitch in and intercede on your behalf ensuring that you get the best of IT support !

UX Engineers:

God created artists to make the world look a beautiful place. He made UX team so that our solutions bring a smile on the face of our clients. Developing captivating User interfaces out of scratch and enhancing user experience is a pushover for our lot. The grand success stories our UX team have put up on different parts of the globe speak for itself.


When a process or work flow is retrofitted with IT augmentation, considerable care should be taken so that the bells and whistles do not maim the original underlying principles or cornerstone theories which govern the same. In this milieu, it would be best to have a subject matter expert by side, who knows the nuances of the process. Over the years our talent pool has been enriched with the services of such Subject Matter experts who come in the shades of Doctorate holders, Master publishers and sheet anchors in various disciplines like Supply Chain Management, Agile Manufacturing, Materials Management Inventory Control, Storage and Warehousing etc. So our software development effort is a collective result of the best of both worlds; Software Engineering and Subject Matter expertise.