Now, with our Dedicated Client Team (DCT) concept, this cribbing becomes a thing of the past. Our DCT works solely for Your project at a given time and will be devoting their time, energy and attention to bring the best of solutions for you, and you only at a given period of time. This helps us to focus on your key pain areas, brainstorm, develop and implement the cost effective and value adding IT solutions with minimum turnaround time, of course on schedule and without compromising on quality!

Key Takeaways from our Dedicated Client Teams

  • Improved focus on your project and deliverables
  • Enhanced delivery schedules due to optimal resource utilization
  • Dedicated channels of communication for status update and change requests
  • Quality of process and product augmented through dedicated attention
  • Feeling of oneness between client team and solution developers
  • Staffing your projects is a no brainer now, as we have a very low attrition rate
  • Improved cost benefits due to technically proficient and efficient resource base
  • Project mobilization and kick off meetings in the best turn around than ever
  • Built in risk analysis and mechanisms make uncertainties a thing of the past
  • English speaking workforce ensuring business requirements are understood well
  • Mutually agreed milestones to keep the project schedule on track
  • Dedicated project manager for walking the talk
  • Most importantly, a team that takes your business headaches away